We are experiencing the adverse effects of climate change in a striking way, such as temperatures above seasonal norms, sudden and intense rainfall and related flood events, more frequent and severe storms, longer periods of drought, and difficulties in agricultural production. The 13th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, Climate Action, aims to plan and implement necessary actions to combat climate change and its impacts, particularly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Many projects are being carried out at Gebze Technical University to reduce carbon footprint, develop and implement technologies for effective recycling of waste, and create awareness through social and departmental elective courses on climate change. Click For Sustainability Report

By presenting a reduction plan that includes all campus operations and processes, the University will be able to achieve its zero-carbon goal by 2050.

Practices aimed at reducing energy consumption for heating and lighting purposes are planned to be implemented to reduce energy usage. Among the Climate Action Plans of the University, increasing the number of green areas that act as CO2 sinks on the campus, maintaining and repairing school bicycle lanes regularly, and encouraging and supporting students to use bicycles for transportation are also included.



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