Gebze Technical University plays a role in preserving forest ecosystems and combating desertification with the forested areas and tree planting areas it contains.

Most of the open areas in the campus is covered with natural grass and vegetation that does not require irrigation.

Gebze Technical University is one of the lucky universities in the world in terms of its connection with water bodies.

GTU campus and social facilities are located on the coast of the Izmit Gulf, which is closely connected to the Marmara Sea. In 2021, a TÜBİTAK project was completed at the University regarding the mucilage formation, which can be considered the most important environmental problem that has occurred in the Marmara Sea to this day.

Precautions are taken for protection of ecosystem of the campus, fire hydrants are located on the Campus for every 150 m and a fire truck of GTU is available for any emergency.



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