The number of sustainability-related projects conducted at the University in the past three years is 142. When compared to the total number of projects conducted at the University in the past three years, the ratio of sustainability-related projects is 12%, which corresponds to 15% of total project budget.

In 2021, the number of joint projects carried out within the university-industry collaboration framework at GTU was 123, and in 2022, it was 126. Although the target for 2023 is set at 128, it is aimed to increase this number every year. In the TÜBİTAK Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities Index Ranking, GTU ranked 8th in 2022.

GTU Technopark , built on an area of 172,502.17 m2 at GTU, serves as an R&D hub in defense, aviation and space industries, energy, automotive, information technologies, biotechnology-medical, nanotechnology, finance, and software technologies. Graduate theses are conducted to meet the needs of various sectors, national and international scientific research projects are carried out, and qualified researchers are trained at GTU.

GTU Technology Transfer Office (TTO) carries out activities to transform the knowledge and technology produced at GTU into practice, commercialize it, develop existing collaborations between the university and industry, announce project ideas and funding opportunities, file patent applications, and contribute to entrepreneurship.



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