A society based on respect for others and the environment, considering both the present and the future, can be established primarily by revising education in accordance with sustainability principles.

To ensure sustainability in education, healthy learning environments need to be created and maintained. To this end, construction of two new lecture halls is ongoing at our university, and they are planned to be opened for use within 2023.

Having an inclusive education system and opening accessible programs for everyone is also important for spreading sustainability awareness throughout society. GTU-SEM (Continuing Education Center) offers more comprehensive and institutional training and consultancy such as innovation, creative thinking and restructuring for businesses that want to keep up with the innovation and change required by the age.

Gebze Technical University aims to instill sustainability awareness through various compulsory and elective courses. There are a total of 244 courses related to sustainability offered by the faculties and institutes of the university. The Faculty of Engineering offers 49 undergraduate and 8 graduate courses, the Faculty of Science offers 19 undergraduate and 19 graduate courses, the Faculty of Business Administration offers 8 undergraduate and 7 graduate courses, and the Faculty of Architecture offers 72 undergraduate and 49 graduate courses, all of which include sustainability topics in their content, and the learning outcomes contribute to sustainability. Moreover, students have the opportunity to participate as researchers in many sustainability projects at both undergraduate and graduate levels.



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