Waste management at Gebze Technical University is handled in a scrutinous manner. Information and requests related to waste management and environmental issues may be found on the university's website.

Dangerous chemical waste is disposed of in compliance with regulations at GTU. The university has a high level of awareness about recycling. There are containers for collecting recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, and glass at many points on campus to encourage recycling.

As part of the Zero Waste Forest Project, in which GTU is a partner, electronic waste has been transformed into seedlings. (https://www.gtu.edu.tr/icerik/8/15146/display.aspx)

The recycling project of our university's academics towards recovering aluminum waste has been awarded. (https://www.gtu.edu.tr/icerik/8/14765/display.aspx)

Our student has won the first prize in the "Green Dot Student Awards" given by the ÇEVKO Foundation with her project on the smart pharmaceutical waste collection system.



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